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Why do it?

AWR is the place where you can measure your design skills in a creative way, always different, and professionally. On AWR you will find different contests of ideas structured as a professional architectural competition. Contests are a great opportunity for participants to show their skills, to work on new projects, improve their experience and become familiar with the world of competitions. Today this is the most common method of working in the world of the design and it is very important to compare the participants skills with the method of their work and the guidelines of the competitions.


There is no limit to the number of competitions you can participate. Shape your ideas, find new ways to communicate, overcome your limits. AWR offers you the opportunity to do it by contributing to different contests in the world of architecture, industrial design, landscape and urban planning.


Through the participation of different contests you can increase your experience, broaden it and give great exposure to your portfolio, you will share your thoughts with other designers and get feedback of it. In this way you can go forward in the world of work more easily and with more developed personal skills.


Share ideas, projects, thoughts, with the community of AWR. Find contacts and interesting opportunities through the channels of the official pages of AWR Competitions. Remember that professional studies from all over the world use the Web as a resource to find new talents in every field of specialization, so it is very important to contribute with your work on Web.


You can earn money through the awards provided by AWR for each competition. Even if you don’t win the first prize you can win an award. For each competition we offer you different categories of awards.

Put your talent in play. Start now!