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General FAQ

Each user is invited to submit any question on the official fan pages of AWR on the various social networks. Responses will be published as soon as possible. Alternatively you can contact us on

Who can participate to the competitions?

The AWR competitions are international contests for architecture, engineering and design students or neo-graduates and professionals from all over the world. Participations may be individual or in groups working to a single project.

I still have not graduated, however, should I participate to AWR competitions?

Absolutely yes. AWR Competitions is created to encourage young students to participate with their ideas and talents to the work proposed.

Can I partecipate with mixed groups?

Absolutely yes. Groups can be composed by participants from different disciplines as well as from different professional areas.

Is there a fee to join the AWR competitions?

Yes, the fee is indicated into the brief of each competition. The entry fees are necessary to offset the cost of running competitions. AWR do not take any profit from them.

Registration fees are per team or per person?

The registration fees are per team. For each competition it is set the maximum number of participants per team. Each team will receive a unique code. The participation to the competitions is made anonymous by codes. Codes will be the only way to identify the team at the trial stage.

Is it possible to change the number and team members after the registration?

Of course. It is possible to change at any time the number and personal data of each member of the team participating to the competition. The change will not affect the cost or the method of assessment for the team involved.

Is it possible to submit more than one project?

Yes, it is possible to do it, but each project must have a registration code. The registration code is unique and not transferable.

Is it possible to participate to more than one competition simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible to participate to more than one competition simultaneously.

Is it useful to submit hard copies of the material?

No, the AWR competitions are all digital contests. At the end of the competition materials will be posted on the website.

Is it possible to submit the boards or any material in Spanish or French?

No, English is the only language accepted.

Is it possible to submit more than one board?

For each competition it is set a maximum number of boards to be submitted. If it is necessary, the request for other material will be clearly mentioned in the brief of each competition.

Once the registration is completed and I have not received the confirmation email with the competition code, what should I do?

It is possible that the confirmation email was sent by your mail provider into junk mailbox. This depends on the filters set by each provider. Check that the mail is not present in any mailbox. If the mail is not present please contact us at