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AWRcompetitions proposes the design of a new skyscraper inside the Near North Side, Chicago.

Chicago is the city where some of the first skyscrapers were built, but since a few years, the city is tryingto make a change in favor of the environment.One of the goal is to avoid the Urban Heat Island Effect.

The city of Chicago was forced to consider this option after a heat wave in 1995 claimed a number of livesdue to extreme inner city temperatures. These extreme temperatures were caused by the “Urban HeatIsland effect”, in which heat in the city is absorbed by pavements, buildings, and asphalt.Stormwater in Chicago is also a major problem because the city’s stormwater and sewage systems arecombined. This means that during a downpour, the system is overwhelmed, resulting in overflows andsewage pollution.This contest wants to propose an integrated idea of high quality architecture with a focus on the environmentaltheme, choosing among the many possible options, also the green roof, to integrate the new building withthe initiative of the city and Greening the Concrete Jungle.



Klavs Hyttel

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Partner and Architect m.a.a. Klavs Hyttel has been with C. F. Møller since April 1986, interrupted by the period from 1 August 1994 to 1 August 1996 when he was associate professor at the Aarhus School of Architecture, from which he is also a graduate. Klavs has been a partner at C. F. Møller since 1 January 1997.

As a partner, Klavs has been responsible for a wide range of projects for the construction of educational and research institutions, commercial construction and construction of cultural and residential buildings. The healthcare sector is a key architectural field, with the planning and design of many large and complex hospital projects both in Denmark and abroad, but also on a smaller scale, such as Hospice Djursland and chapels in Oslo and Herning.

Klavs contributes his overview and wide experience throughout the process, from the first exchange of ideas with the client, further idea development and drawings, to project design and execution.

A large proportion of the construction projects have won both national and international awards, and together with the architectural practice Klavs has also been awarded the Københavns Murerlaugs (Copenhagen Masons' Guild) Architecture Prize in 1999 and the Nykredit Architecture Prize in 2006.

Klavs also serves as expert adjudicator in architectural competitions and has held a number of honorary positions, most recently as chairman of the Danish Association of Architectural Firms.

 Carrie Strickland

Carrie Strickland

Carrie Strickland is the Co-Founder and Principal Architect of Works Progress Architecture, based in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

She has built an extensive background in adaptive re-use and speculative development while advocating for design as the basis for urban interventions. She earned a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Cincinnati and is a registered architect in Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, Colorado and Ohio.

Carrie has served as visiting professor at Portland State University, the University of Oregon and regularly serves as a guest lecturer and keynote speaker all over the United States. Her work has been internationally recognized and includes the American Architecture Award by the Chicago Athenaeum of Architecture and Design in 2016, over 27 AIA Awards and a Design Vanguard recognition in 2009.


Thorsten Johann

Thorsten Johann is a Senior Project Leader at Studio Gang, an architecture and urban design practice based in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. Thorsten leads design teams for large-scale, mixed-use residential projects across the country. Driven by research, ethnographic studies, and real-time data, Tosh is experienced in designing and leading teams with a wide range of disciplines. He has contributed to many of Studio Gang’s most recognizable projects over his fifteen year tenure, including Aqua TowerCity Hyde ParkVista Tower, and the new United States Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil. Originally from Munich, Germany, Tosh earned his Master of Architecture from the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, and Industrielle Handelskammer Regensburg.


1st prize           3.000 €
2nd prize 1.000 €

 + 5 honorable mentions

Sep 10, 2017  Promotional registration begins
Sep 30, 2017  Promotional registration deadline
Oct 1, 2017

 Special registration begins

 Question period is open

Dec 1, 2017  Special registration deadline
Dec 2, 2017  Early registration begins
Jan 2, 2018  Early registration deadline
Jan 3, 2018  Late registration begins
Feb 3, 2018  Late registration deadline
Feb 10, 2018  Project submission deadline
Feb 17, 2018  Jury meeting - Evaluation period begins
March 3, 2018  Winner's announcement

  1. Teams will be registered between September 10, 2017 and February 03, 2018 and all projects, without any exception, must be delivered on February 10, 2018 (23:59 GMT+1).


Promotional registration September 10, 2017 - September 30, 2017 40 €

Special Registration

October 01, 2017 - December 01, 2017
50 €

Early registration

 December 02, 2017 - January 02, 2018 75 €
Late registration  January 03, 2018 - February 03, 2018 100 € 


Who can participate to the competitions?

The AWR competitions are international contests for architecture, engineering and design students or neo-graduates and professionals from all over the world. Participations may be individual or in groups working to a single project.


I still have not graduated, however, should I participate to AWR competitions?

Absolutely yes. AWR Competitions is created to encourage young students to participate with their ideas and talents to the work proposed.


Can I partecipate with mixed groups?

Absolutely yes. Groups can be composed by participants from different disciplines as well as from different professional areas.


Is there a fee to join the AWR competitions?

Yes, the fee is indicated into the brief of each competition. The entry fees are necessary to offset the cost of running competitions. AWR do not take any profit from them. 


Registration fees are per team or per person?

The registration fees are per team. For each competition it is set the maximum number of participants per team. Each team will receive a unique code. The participation to the competitions is made anonymous by codes. Codes will be the only way to identify the team at the trial stage.


What's NIN number?

The NIN, National Insurance Name or the TAX CODE, is an identification number. If you don't have a tax code you can insert your ID card number or similar.


Is it possible to submit more than one project?

Yes, it is possible to do it, but each project must have a registration code. The registration code is unique and not transferable.


Is it possible to submit the boards or any material in Spanish or French?

No, English is the only language accepted.


Is it possible to submit more than one board?

For each competition it is set a maximum number of boards to be submitted. If it is necessary, the request for other material will be clearly mentioned in the brief of each competition.


How can I send my work?

Entrants must submit their proposal via email no later than February 10, 2018 (23:59 GMT +1) to the following email address:

All the files must be placed in a ZIP folder named after your registration number. For example:

The folder must also containThe official contest form containing participants personal information (available for download in the download section on the Website

Participants will be able to produce or use one external documentation provided by the website or personal resources.

DOWNLOAD ENG Official Competition Brief HQ (4 mb) - Click HERE


DOWNLOAD Official Site Area dwg (3 mb) - Click HERE

Download files



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