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The Association S.O.S. Talassemia is the brainchild of people who feel they share a special sensitivity to issues related to thalassemia and hemoglobinopathies. They intend to express in different ways a position of conflict of these genetic diseases. All this can be achieved through the dissemination of information and knowledge needed to advance prevention. But we must not forget the involvement of the public for the enhancement and support of the search for solutions meaningfull and sustainable, in compliance with the various cultural, economic, ethical and social issues, in the most diverse ethnic backgrounds, in every part of the planet. The purpose of the Association is to promote awareness about the issues of preventive preconception diagnosis, early detection, therapeutic intervention aimed at hemoglobinopathiesin general and in particular thalassemia.

The Association S.O.S. Talassemia has decided to involve AWR - Architecture Workshop in Rome to find a new image that will communicate the presence on the national and international scene of this association, created to promote activities and initiatives that can help to raise public awareness. The object of the competition is a completely brand new, a real “brand”, which will be used for purposes of promotion of culture and communication. A brand that increases the visibility and reputation of the Association, with a view to future application of products with a strong graphic characteristic for the promotion of its activities, but also for publications and events. The brand will then lend itself to be used:

• promotion of the Association, nationally and internationally;

• communication and popular culture;

• as a mark of quality, venues, products and services promoted and/or supported by the Association.


MD Antonio Amato

Centro Studi Microcitemia Roma Director


MD Alfredo Cuffari

SNAMID Lazio President


MD Maria Pia De Luca

Associazione Nazionale Lotta Microcitemia Italia President


MD Maurizio Marchionne

S.O.S. Thalassemia Association President


Emanuele Cappelli 

CEO and creative director CAPPELLI IDENTITY DESIGN


Emiliano Gatti 



AWR Staff

Technical Jury


Second Prize



Simone Guccio



For specific material request about this competition write at

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This competition is closed for other registration, the Deadline was: 2014-02-16