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The Geometry of the Color

The aim of the competition is to explore the relationship between Architecture and Color through a photographic exhibition. The debate on color in Architecture has historical origins and can be traced back to the XVIII-XIX century with the so called “polychromatic dispute”.

Nowadays Architects and representatives of world cultural trends see color as a key element in design activities. Designing through the use of color and experiencing buildings through their chromatic characteristics, enhances the soul of modern architecture. Just as Fritz Schumacher used to say: “the global aesthetic economy of a building should concentrate on color from the very first stages of design”, only following this advise it is possible to fully understand the role of the chromatic element in the life of an architectural fabric and in its interpretation.
Photography, a tool capable of capturing such a strong relationship, is the mean that best frames the peculiarity of an architectural work in relation to color.

The proposed photographs will have to define color as a theme and not as object of an argument. Moreover they will have to consider color as the focus, not accessory, element of the cultural debate on Architecture.

Stefano Pedretti - Photographer and Art Director - Chairman 

He graduated in architecture. Then he has been an Art Director for 9 years, working on digital and cross media campaigns: Saatchi & Saatchi (Art Director) - Oot - Benetton Group Wpp - (Creative Director) and Dnsee (Creative Director). He worked for many companies like: Renault, Microsoft, Fox, Enel, SonyPictures, Bnl, Eni, Alitalia, l'Oreal, and he won many awards: Around twenty (Art Directors Club Italy, Cannes Lions, NYF, Fwa). In 2008 he quit agencies in order to dedicate to photography.

Then he started to work again with agencies like Young&Rubicam, Saatchi&Saatchi, The Name, Brand Portal, Lowe, Jwt, AM21 Newton, as a photographer. He has been member of many jurys: in 2010 NYF Juror, in 2007 Juror for Cannes Festival Young Lions and in 2008 Juror for Adci Awards. Since 2004 he has Adci Member .


Massimo Fredda - Visual Designer 


Italia Rossi - Architect  

Trained originally in Architecture at La Sapienza University in Rome, Italia Rossi has later engaged experiences of contemporary fine art, including performance, installation, photography and printmaking. Recent commissions include clients such as the well know painter Cristiano Pintaldi, whose monograph, released by Silvana Editoriale and featuring Italia’s photography work, has been presented during the last Venice Art Biennale. Influenced by the new horizons of bio-technology and the pervasiveness of the digital media, likewise physics theories of Strings and Active Field, Italia has envisioned since years the idea of the electro-chemical continuity between body (humans), architecture (technology) and landscape (nature). She has lately concentrated her interests upon mathematic space and geometry, in particular theories of time-space curvature, Manifold, differential and alternative geometries, and how those can combine with a physical, subjective body-based experience of the space. Currently, she is involved with Cambridge Press and the Chemistry Department of Imperial College on a project that connects chemistry, algebra and geometry, resulting in digital graphic diagrams synthesising 4D data. She has recently been funded by the British Council and the European Community for a project that creates a parallel between the modification of the urban space and the chemistry-based transformations in photo-etching processes for printmaking techniques.

Italia Rossi lives and works in London.


Amanzio Farris - Architect  

 Amanzio Farris (Cagliari, 1972) is a PhD in Architectural Composition and Theory of Architecture. To freelance architect supports the teaching and research at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Rome La Sapienza.

Among the various research under his care, is being published for a survey on the use editions Alinea of Florence - on the part of some modern and contemporary architects - in the sense of photographic tool declaratory and demonstration of a design position.

Antonio Cama - Photographer and Photo Editor  

Following the appearance of photo for large-scale projects of the agency SignDesign, especially those dedicated to customer-brand design. Start a professional in the field of advertising, is also involved in architecture and fashion. It is also photo editor of projects for which the agency is editor. It also publishes for other magazines of the same areas as evidence of flexible specialization. 

Nicola Gerundino - Editor-in-chief  "Zero" - Rome

He graduated in Rome in 2006 at the Faculty of Science of Communication of the University of Rome "La Sapienza";  his thesis has studied the issue of Sociology and Mass Communication.

In 2006, after graduation, he was press officer at "Pitti Immagine" in Florence. Since 2007 he is editor-in-chief of the magazine Zero in Rome.


Simone Di Benedetto - Architect and Ph.D. in Architecture Theory and Design

Simone Di Benedetto is an Italian Architect living and working in Rome; he received his degree in the 2007 at the Faculty of Architecture “Ludovico Quaroni” of the Univercity of Rome “La Sapienza”. Since 2007 he is collaborating with the researcher Rosalba Belibani on the course of Composition IV, a specialist degree course in architecture EU at the Faculty of Architecture “Ludovico Quaroni”. In 2010 he has collaborated with the researcher Luca Reale on the course of Comosition II, a specialist degree course in architecture EU at the Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia”. In 2007 he has partecipated as gradueted student in the PRIN 2007 researchRiqualificazione e aggiornamento del patrimonio di edilizia pubblica a Roma”. In the July 2009 he has partecipated as tutor in the Urbact II Workshop: “HOPUS - Housing Praxis for Urban Sustainability” in the Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia” of the Univercity of Rome “La Sapienza”. Actually he is graduted student in the Ph.D. In Architecture Theory and Design at the Faculty of Architecture “Ludovico Quaroni”.

Antonio Usbergo - Photographer

Antonio Usbergo, was born in 1986 in Rome, is a photographer. In 2007, after graduation, he moved for a year and a half in New York, where very approaches to photography; there studies and an assistant to some important photographers of New York. Winner of three photographic contest. In 2010 he presented his first solo exhibition "The cat is on the table", and in 2011, "The Coney Island Sunset", exhibition of a documentary made during the period when he lived in New York. He is Co-founder of "Slevin Creative Company" - creative network in the world of communications, where he works today.

Valerio Masotti - Video Designer and Art Director "Slevin Creative Company" 

Valerio Masotti  is an Italian Video / Motion Designer - Art Director living and working in Rome. He began his studies in sound design for video and then move on to motion graphics. She works for a year in an advertising agency as a video designer before starting to participate in the contest as independent creative videos. In 2009 He's the winner of the international video competition "I Love the Internet" Launched by Telecom Italy and Wired, winner of the United States Video Competition "Sun Startup Essentials" Launched by Sun Microsystems. Among the first four short-listed videos UCIF Chosen by FIAT and the car to Promote child safety campaign Bimbisicuramente. Second place in the competition for the Microsoft promotion video of Windows Phone. Winner of the United States video competition for the promotion of the new Lp of the singer Luke Bryan. Considered one of the best young talents from the Italian Megazine Wired, he has-been selected from the Working Capital - Telecom Italy That Decided to sponsor Videos His studies in Design and Art Direction. In 2010 he moved to London where he worked for an advertising agency, works with which even now, as a motion graphic designer, creating numerous video animations for  the English  Premier League for many international brands, creating several ad campaigns for Nike football visible in football stadiums around the world. And 'one of 200 young talents selected by the Italian Ministry of Youth to attend the event TNT (festival of young talents). He returned permanently in Italy in 2011, he graduated as an Art Director at the IED in Rome. And 'co-founder of Slevin - Creative Company, network of creative people in the world of communication and design.


Andrea Oppizio - Graphic Designer

He Studied at the IED - European Institute of Design. Observer, strong lateral thinking and creative development accordingly. Corporate identity, corporate communications kits and logo-design are the ideas of specialization accompanied by a marked talent for visual design. He works at the agency SignDesign.


Mauro Moretti - Art Director "SignDesign" 

He studied at the IED - European Institute of Design. Graphic style decided, minimal enough, communicates with the essence of a few elements. Less is more likely to be ok, but the creative push to the limit these words. Creative supervisor of each aspect of visual SignDesign agency projects, particularly specializing in brand identity and below the line, with a unique capacity also on creative photography.


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